A junior enterprise can be many things, such as a student consultancy, a marketing agency, an incubator or many others. The organisation was created and is now entirely managed by university students, junior entrepreneurs. Before graduation, these young entrepreneurs, assisted by their professors, work with real clients to develop products and services. This enables them to develop precious skills for their future. This collaboration is value adding for companies as each junior enterprise offers quality at a competitive price. All juniors will work for and with you with creativity, energy and dedication.

Junior EntrepriseVilleUniversitéCatégorie
ETH JuniorsZurichEPFZPolytechnique
Junior Entreprise EHLLausanneEcole Hôtelière de LausanneHôtelerie
Junior Entreprise EPFLLausanneEPFLPolytechnique
Junior Entreprise FribourgFribourgUnifrUniversité
Junior Entreprise GenèveGenèveUniversité de GenèveUniversité
Junior Entreprise HECLausanneUnilUniversité
Junior Entreprise HEGGenèveHEG GenèveGestion
Junior Entreprise HEGTSierreHEGTGestion et Tourisme
Junior Entreprise HepiaGenèveHES HépiaSpécialisée