The council is the advisory body of JADE Switzerland and is composed of five alumni. Its role is to provide guidance on daily business issues, long term strategic development, annual report, budget analysis and other business-related topics.

Management Advisor

Sans titre

Sandro Kessler | President 2000
Managing Partner, Kessler Partner Management Services GmbH
Former president of Impact Zurich

Legal & Risk Advisor


Attila Mitro | President 2002
Legal Counsel, Bank Julius Bär & Cie LTD

Former Vice President of Junior Enterprise Fribourg

Being involved in my local junior enterprise and being one of the re-launcher of the Swissjunior (JADE Switzerland) and the integration of Swissjunior to European JADE network felt like joining the field of real players (real business world) without asking their permission and being considered their equal. In fact, it allowed me to work and manage local, national as well as international projects/mandates even though I was still a simple student.
Furthermore, it was a very interesting challenge to combine study with professional work environment and it requested a high self-discipline of the time management. Last but not least, it was and still is a highly appreciated experience and an important added value to the employers once the studies finished. The network related to all those entrepreneurial people you worked with or you met, remains in your files. ATTILA MITRO

Financial Advisor


Anthony Gloor | Vice-President 2004
Head of Corporate Services, Ethos Foundation
Former consultant at Junior Enterprise Geneva

I have been involved for several years locally in my JE, and I also participated in the re-launch of the Swiss network and participation in JADE Europe. The Junior Entreprise network, both across Switzerland and Europe, gave me the opportunity to work on regional and international projects, which was an invaluable experience that helped me in starting my professional career after my studies. It still appears clear to me that many companies value the experience of working in a network of JEs.
I also had the opportunity to be part of the organization board of the JADE Summer meeting back in 2004 in Geneva, which has proven to me that JADE is also a large group of ambitious people who still remain in contact ten years later. ANTHONY GLOOR

Marketing Advisor


Réginald Bien-Aimé | President 2011
Founder and Managing Partner, Synerdream (Marketing Agency)
Former President of Junior Enterprise Geneva

I was a Junior Entrepreneur for 5 years and I think years later I still consider that time to be one of the most memorable professional experience of my young career. I think people underestimate the tools and soft skills you can acquire by joining a dynamic mouvement like the JE mouvement. It empowers you to apply your theoretical knowledge and take responsibilities that companies can’t provide you at a young age.
My experience as a Junior Entrepreneur was complete after I had the honor of becoming President of JADE Switzerland. The opportunity to oversee a concept on a national level is an experience I will never forget. REGINALD BIEN-AIME

IT Advisor


Reza Safai-Naeeni | President 2012
Digital Strategy Consultant, Open Web Technology
Former President of Junior Enterprise EPFL