• Swiss Board Tour @ JE HEC

    English Below Vendredi 22 septembre au cours d’une journée ensoleillée au bord du Léman, Simon et Richard ont eu l’occasion de rencontrer la Junior Entreprise HEC dans leur bureau sur le campus de l’Université de Lausanne. En l’espace d’une heure, nous avons pu traiter divers points et ainsi dans la…

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  • Swiss board tour @ JE Hepia

    Simon have visited Maxime, Quentin, and Loïc, member of Junior Entreprise Hepia at Geneva. We had a great brainstorming about how JADE Switzerland could help them in a short term.   We had great discussions about client acquisition, internal tools, and outsourcing of project to students on campus. Their ambition…

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  • Swiss board tour @ JE HEG

    Our president Simon visited Amin, Ayesha, Donjete and Jeremy, member of Junior Entreprise HEG at “Haute école de gestion Genève”. The presentation lasted about two hours which we had great brainstorming about how JADE Switzerland could help them in a short term. After identifying their needs of internal restructuring, we…

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  • Swiss board tour @ Junior Entreprise Genève

    English below Lundi, Simon et Lorena ont rendu visite à Junior Entreprise Genève dans leurs beaux locaux à UniMail. La présentation aura duré environ une heure pendant laquelle nous avons pu échanger sur les problématiques que rencontre la Junior Entreprise et les solutions que JADE Switzerland pourra apporter. Adnan, Erza et Thierry ont en…

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  • National Board Summit @ Brussels

    English below Le weekend passé, Simon et Edgar ont représenté la Jade Switzerland au National Board Summit à Bruxelles. Ceci était le premier événement où le nouveau Board exécutif JADE, les International Managers et les Boards exécutifs des différentes confédérations discutaient et débâtaient au sujet des prochaines étapes de l’année…

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  • Life-changing experience

    Over the past 40 years, the Junior Enterprise concept has evolved into a successful best practice, encouraging students, universities and enterprises to think beyond their national borders and national systems, to learn from each other, and to embrace entrepreneurship. This would not have been possible without the commitment and enthusiasm…

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  • Learning by doing

    For JADE “learning by doing” matters more than words, it provides practical assistance and the exchange of experiences. JADE is part of the true European asset  – a spirit of Partnership and cooperation. I am glad that JADE is firmly supporting the recent relaunch of the Lisbon Agenda. It is…

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  • Junior Enterprises as learning tools

    Joint projects between the European Commission and national governments highlighted activities based on students running mini-companies or Junior Enterprises  in schools and universities as effective methods for spreading the entrepreneurial  spirit. Students who participated in these activities are more self-confident, more  innovative, more likely to seek new solutions and new…

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