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Junior Enterprises: Students fostering the entrepreneurship spirit

The Junior Enterprise concept is based on non-profit organizations whose aim is to bridge the gap between theory and practice for students that follow higher education studies. In order to achieve this, the students carry out projects for companies and institutions. The activities of a Junior Enterprise aim at professionalism in projects and organization.

Excellence Awards 2015

Best Junior Enterprise: ETH Juniors
Best Consulting Project: JEHEG for its “Market Study on the Turkish HEX industry”
Most Promising Junior Enterprise: JEHEG

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What they say about us

“Joint projects between the European Commission and national governments highlighted activities based on students running mini-companies or Junior Enterprises  in schools and universities as effective methods for spreading the entrepreneurial  spirit. Students who participated in these activities are more self-confident, more  innovative, more likely to seek new solutions and new technologies. Exchanging views with students working in Junior Enterprises is always enlightening, as one is impressed by the enthusiasm, innovation and creativity that these activities help to unlock in young people. I would, therefore, like to stress the role played by organisation like JADE, and the importance of Junior Enterprises as learning tools and bridges between university and the business world.”
– José Manuel Barroso, Former President of the European Commission

“For JADE “learning by doing” matters more than words, it provides practical assistance and the exchange of experiences. JADE is part of the true European asset  – a spirit of Partnership and cooperation. I am glad that JADE is firmly supporting the recent relaunch of the Lisbon Agenda. It is the spirit of JADE that fuels my conviction that as long as Europe is closely collaborating and dynamic, it will be able to achieve even its most ambitious goals.”
– Gunter Verheugen, former Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Enterprise and Industry

“Over the past 40 years, the Junior Enterprise concept has evolved into a successful best practice, encouraging students, universities and enterprises to think beyond their national borders and national systems, to learn from each other, and to embrace entrepreneurship. This would not have been possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of the students involved. The benefits of actively participating in a Junior Enterprise reach far beyond setting up and running a business. It promotes an entrepreneurial mindset, fosters intercultural dialogue, and encourages mobility. In short, it is a life-changing experience. And I would like to wish JADE every success in its continuing efforts to change young people’s lives for better.”
– Jan Figel, Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth