The strategy for our year !

After a month spent visiting the Junior Entreprises of our confederation, receiving their feedbacks and identifying their needs, we are now ready to present you our strategy for the coming months. Our main objective is to build a strong and sustainable network of Junior Enterprises in Switzerland. In order to accomplish that, our strategy is divided into three main pillars :

  • Unification – We want to build a strong and dynamic Swiss Junior Entreprise network. Through an efficient platform and through many events, we will connect every Swiss Junior Entrepreneur with another and with us.
  • Knowledge – We want to develop, to foster and to improve sharing in the movement. This year, we will implement a new audit system, share interesting content to the JEs and create new Junior Initiative.
  • Collaboration – We want to make the network a commercial force for the clients. We strongly believe that the JEs can work together on projects and our role will be to set up these exchanges.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about JADE Switzerland, our network and Junior Entreprises.

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