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A Junior Enterprise is a student non-profit consultancy agency. The organisation is created and managed entirely by volunteer third level education students called Junior Entrepreneurs. Before they graduate, students in Junior Enterprises work with real clients and get paid for products or services, which they entirely develop and manage. Companies get great value, as the business model of Junior Enterprises enables them to offer quality consulting at an accessible price.


Their activity is always linked to a university, professors and companies often contribute as mentors. This creates the perfect environment to get the right experience and lifelong skills that make Junior Entrepreneurs adaptable and able to put their ideas into action. According to a study from the European Commission, 16% of JE alumni are currently self-employed. Junior Entrepreneurs are indeed more inclined to start their own business and get their first job faster than regular students.


Junior Enterprises are social enterprises because of their positive impact on the local society. The main customers of Junior Enterprises are individuals and SMEs that cannot afford to have access to the same services provided by bigger companies who mandate Junior Enterprises; they therefore help smaller projects and initiatives to take place, which makes them essential players in the local economy.


Jade Switzerland in Numbers

Despite the very small number of Swiss Junior Entreprises, our activity represant 15% of overall turnover.

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Jade Europe

In Europe, there are 280 Junior Enterprises, which have a direct impact on almost 20’000 students. Each of these Junior Enterprises are part of a national umbrella organisation; for example, JADE Switzerland (grouping 11 Junior Enterprises), CNJE France (Grouping 150 Junior Enterprises), or JADE Italia (grouping 11 Junior Enterprises. Each of the umbrella organisations will then elect one representative called an International Manager, who will then represent the interests of the Junior Enterprises of his / her umbrella organisation at the General Assembly of JADE Europe. JADE Europe is based in Brussels, and is composed of an Executive Board of 4 to 5 members who volunteer, full-time, for the recognition of the concept of Junior Enterprise.

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